The SchedJoules APIs allow you to integrate and customize data from our calendar and event repository right into your own application. Our repository is continuously updated to ensure that you’re getting the latest updates. With millions of calendars and events, continuous monitoring and editorial and customer support, the SchedJoules APIs offer unlimited possibilities. Use the APIs to gain business insights, to build your own UI with SchedJoules’ data or to easily integrate calendars and events in your app within 5 minutes with our available SDKs for iOS, Android and the web. Get started right away by requesting your API key.

Swift API client library

With our new Swift API client library it’s now even easier to use the SchedJoules API on iOS and macOS platforms. By providing a developer friendly, convenient and type safe interface, it reduces development type and implementation errors. No need to worry about protocol details, just focus on your business logic.

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Event Discovery API

Use our Event Discovery API to access endpoints which give you information on local events around the world.

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Event Discovery SDK

Add local event discovery to your app so you can engage your users with location-aware events at the right place and right time. We focus on heavily used apps like calendars, maps, messengers, digital assistants and news apps. Getting started with the SchedJoules Event Discovery SDK is easy. You can have it running in 5 minutes.

Android SDK

Public Calendar API

The SchedJoules Public Calendar API gives you access to our industry-leading calendar repository with more half a million dynamic public calendars. Enrich your (calendar) application with interesting calendars for Sports, Holidays, TV-shows, Business Events, Weather, Finance, Nature and Lifestyle.

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Public Calendar SDK

Easily integrate a public calendar service into your application with our SDKs for iOS, Android and Web. You can use this service in a calendar app, but just as easy in for instance apps for news or sports.

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