With our Event API we make millions of (local) events like sports games, holidays, TV-shows, concerts, festivals and conferences available, reliable and meaningful for your business, your application and the lives of your users.

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With our Event API we make millions of (local) events like sports games, holidays, TV-shows, concerts, festivals and conferences available, reliable and meaningful for your business, your application and the lives of your users.

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With public calendars and local events we help businesses and applications to add value to their applications, boost user engagement, create new revenue streams, cut editorial costs and provide business insights.



Increase user engagement and gather strategical customer insights by adding recommended, local events to your productivity apps. All through one API that is designed to guarantee quality, reliability and scalability for large numbers of users.

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Getting beyond just the booking experience is more and more important. Guide travellers on what they are supposed to do when they finally get at their destination. Use our comprehensive repository to offer (curated) local events based on the target audience of your brand.

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Customers are more and more looking for that little extra nudge when choosing their internet and tv provider. Offer them added value by connecting the events that they love, like sports and tv shows, to your online and mobile products like your calendar.

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Points of interest (POI) are interesting and available. Now it’s time for events of interest (EOI), POIs with a time element. Show your users what kind of events are happening on route and around them. Interesting at home, integrated with directions and when users are travelling.

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Productivity apps become more and more indispensable as personal assistants and productivity aids. If you’re aiming to let your users be more productive, adding events to your productivity app can be a step in the right direction to help your users reach their goals.

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Event Discovery is dead, long live Event Discovery!


Imagine this. A user checks his calendar to see what his week looks like. He has nothing planned on Thursday evening. With a long-press at seven o’clock on that Thursday he gets direct access to local events like concerts and movies for that evening. One of the results is a concert of his favourite band. Perfect! He buys two tickets and adds the event to his calendar. Easy right? With our event discovery service you add value to your app and create a new revenue stream with a commission on ticket sales.


Map applications are already powerful in terms of the amount of static information they contain like hotels and gas stations. With dynamic time-related information you can transfer these 2D POIs into multi-dimensional / multi-layered POIs. Integrating events with your map application tells your users what they can do nearby, when they’re on route or at their destination. What a great way to plan your trip!


Did you know that most meetings between two or more people are made using chat apps? ‘Shall we do something next Saturday?’ Why does your user has to leave your application and find an event in a 3rd party app or via a search engine you don’t control? Why not have the user ask for event recommendations right from his current conversation? Take the hassle out of decision making and help your users make better decisions faster without leaving the conversation.

Virtual Assistant

‘When is Adele playing in Amsterdam?’ Some questions are much faster answered by virtual assistants than a search engine could do. Whether on the phone, the pc or a separate device, digital assistants are being used more and more to get things done. When it comes to answering event based questions we’ll be able to allow your users to find things to do around them based on their availability and interest.

Business Intelligence

Combine our event data with your current internal data, analyze it and gain new insights which can transform your understanding of your businesses, markets and audience.


Calendars & Events

We offer more than 9,5M calendars and events in the categories Holidays, Sports, TV, Movies, Attractions, Weather, Finance, Business, Food, Museums, Music, Theatre, Nature and Lifestyle.


You don’t have to worry about anything. We handle all data, updates, localization, infrastructure, hosting, monitoring, and more.


We offer calendars and events in more than 240 countries and in 16 languages to make sure (almost) every single user on your app can enjoy interesting public calendars and local events.

Fast & Scalable

With 285 million API requests weekly we understand how calendars and events are best served. We offer you a fast and scalable infrastructure.


Our team is at your service if your users have any questions or remarks about the content or the use of the API.


Easily integrate our calendars and events into your application with our APIs and SDKs for iOS, Android and the web.

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