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Add Interesting Public Calendars to your Calendar App and become the reliable and practical tool for your users to stay up-to-date.
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Extensive Data Coverage

We don't just gather data, we curate, normalize, and enrich it. From renowned suppliers, both open and closed, we aggregate data on a vast scale so that you don't have to. Our single Interesting Public Calendar API allows you to avoid the heavy lifting and focus on what truly matters: engaging your users and keeping them informed and organized.

Public Holidays

Official and notable days across 241 countries and 350 regions. Including insightful background information about holidays.

School Holidays

Covering 13 countries, our data allows users to plan holidays well in advance, considering school break schedules.


Not necessarily official, but significant for many. We include a wide range of observances that are celebrated globally or locally.


Get access to 85 sports, over 2600+ competitions, and 99k+ teams and athletes. We provide (live) match schedules, results, lineups, and other sport specific details.

TV Shows

Offering 14-days of TV listings for 2500+ channels and 100k+ TV programs in North America and Western Europe.


Global weather forecasts up to 14 days in advance. Integrate real-time weather updates into your calendar app.

Lifestyle & Natures

Add an array of lifestyle and nature-related calendars, such as moon phases, name days, religious (holi)days and week numbers.

IR Financial Calendars

Detailed financial data from 28 indices and over 2,000 companies, including general meetings and results, and company information.

Powering Top-Rated Calendar Apps

Top Calendar Apps use our Interesting Public Calendar API to deliver timely and relevant content to their users.

Don't take our word for it. See what  users and the press are saying about our Interesting Public Calendars.

“ I get all the calendars I need from your brilliant service. It’s just one click and they’re updated regularly. There’s a few apps/services that make life easier and this is one of them. ”
“ The best thing is that the interesting calendars of SchedJoules are automically updated before, during and after events, all in your own Calendar Application like Apple Calendar. ”
“ Instead of having to search through Google’s database for a calendar someone else has created, SchedJoules made it easy to add an interesting calendar directly from your iOS device. ”


Our Interesting Public Calendar API is Specifically designed to meet the needs of Calendar Apps.

If you’re aiming to let your users be more productive, adding events to your calendar app can be a step in the right direction to help your users reach their goals.

Events can be influenced by contextual signals like the weather, time of day, and user location, but also by other events. We help your users plan the future better than they are doing right now.

Calendar apps become more and more indispensable as personal assistants and productivity aids.

Offering interesting public calendars inside your calendar application can also help you reach your own goals, whether it is increasing user engagement, increasing customer retention or generating an additional and successful revenue stream.

View Our Pricing Plans

450k Interesting Public Calendars

We offer more than 450k Interesting Public Calendars in the categories Holidays, Sports, TV, Weather, Finance, Nature and Lifestyle.

Managed Calendars

You don’t have to worry about anything. We handle all data, updates, localization, infrastructure, hosting, monitoring, and more.

Global Coverage

We offer Interesting Public Calendars in more than 240 countries and in 16 languages to make sure (almost) every single user on your app can enjoy an up-to-date life.

Fast and Scalable Infrastructure

Enjoy our blazingly fast and scalable infrastructure. With 285 million API requests weekly we understand how calendars and events are best served.

Interesting Public Calendar API

Easily integrate our Interesting Public Calendars into your application with our Interesting Public Calendar API.

Interesting Public Calendars for Developers

Build your own UI with SchedJoules’ data or easily integrate our Interesting Public Calendars in your iOS app with our iOS SDK.

Interesting Public Calendar API

Our API gives you access to our industry-leading calendar repository with more half a million dynamic public calendars. Enrich your calendar application with interesting calendars for Sports, Holidays, TV-shows, Business Events, Weather, Finance, Nature and Lifestyle.

Swift API client library

With our Swift API client library it’s you can use to use the SchedJoules Interesting Public Calendar API on iOS and macOS platforms. By providing a developer friendly, convenient and type safe interface, it reduces development time and implementation errors. No need to worry about protocol details, just focus on your business logic.

Interesting Public Calendar API Pricing

Choose the plan that fits the amount of users that you have – no surprise fees.


Startup Plan

Per 10k Unique Users
< 100k Unique Users
Access to All Calendars
Unlimited API Requests
24/7 Support


Scale-Up Plan

Per 100k Unique Users
< 1 million Unique Users
Access to All Calendars
Unlimited API Requests
24/7 Support


Corporate Plan

Per 1 million Unique Users
> 1 million Unique Users
Access to All Calendars
Unlimited API Requests
24/7 Support
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