Privacy Policy

Through its own apps, website and partner apps, we (SchedJoules) will process privacy-sensitive or personal data. We value the privacy of you, our customers, our partners and observe due care in processing and protecting personal data.

During the processing we stick to the requirements of the Dutch “Algemene verordening gegevensbescherming” (AVG). This means we:

  • Clearly specify our purposes before we process personal data, by using this Privacy Statement;
  • Limit our collection of personal data to only the data needed for legitimate purposes;
  • First ask for explicit permission to process your personal data in cases where your permission is required;
  • Take appropriate security measures to protect your personal data and we demand the same from parties who process personal data on our behalf;
  • Respect your right to inspect, correct or delete your personal data held by us.

SchedJoules is the party responsible for all data processing. In this privacy statement, we will explain which personal data we collect and for which purposes. We recommend that you read it carefully.

Data we collect when you use our services
When you use our services, we collect the following data for statistical, financial, debugging and operational purposes.

  • Anonymized user id (UID). We collect this for statistical, financial, debugging and operational purposes and to optimize your experience and give recommendations. We can’t use this user id to identify or locate a single person without the cooperation of the user (pseudonymisation)
  • Request (meta) information. We collect this for statistical purposes and to optimize your experience. Examples are your IP address and language settings
  • Client (meta) information. We collect this for statistical and debugging purposes and to to optimize your experience. Examples are the client’s API key, operating system, version and user-agent.
  • Device (meta) information. We collect this for statistical and debugging purposes and to to optimize your experience. Examples are the device’s brand and version.
  • GPS (search) coordinates. We collect this for statistical and debugging purposes and to to optimize your experience. This only applies to our Event Discovery service.

The API key and UID are the only pieces of information required for our services to function properly.

Support and helpdesk
When you contact our helpdesk we collect your email address, device and application information. We don’t use any of this information for reasons other than to help you answer your question, solve a bug or improve our service.

Contact Form and Newsletter
We have a newsletter to inform those interested of our products and/or services. Each newsletter contains a link with which to unsubscribe from our newsletter. Your email address will be added to the list of subscribers only with your explicit consent. If you fill out a contact form on the website or send us an email, the data you provide will be retained for as long as is necessary depending on the nature of the form or the content of your email, to fully answer and correctly handle your message or email.

Location data
Some parts of our services depend on you providing us with your location data (GPS). If that is the case, you will be asked to grant consent beforehand. This location data and other data can also be stored and processed by the provider of the navigation/mapping software, such as Google Maps, but the data could also be used by for example Google or Apple itself. We have no control over their actions. We recommend that you read the applicable privacy statement of the provider in question.

App store
If the app providing the service has been downloaded via a third-party app store. We have no influence on which personal data the provider will process or to what purpose it will be processed. We recommend that you read the applicable privacy statement of the provider in question.

Providing Data to Third Parties
SchedJoules is committed to protecting your privacy. We will not sell or distribute your personal information to third parties not affiliated with SchedJoules, unless you have given them specific consent.

Google Analytics
We use Google Analytics to track visitors on our website and in our apps and to get reports about how visitors use the website and the apps. We accepted the data processing agreement from Google. We don’t allow Google to use information obtained by Analytics for other Google services.

We take security measures to reduce misuse of and unauthorised access to personal data. We take the following measures in particular: We make use of secure connections (Secure Sockets Layer of SSL) to encrypt all information between you and our website and our apps when entering or send (personal) data.

Third-party Websites
This statement is not applicable to third-party websites connected to this website through links. We cannot guarantee that these third parties will handle your personal data in a secure and careful manner. We recommend you read these websites’ privacy statements before making use of these websites.

Changes to this Privacy Statement
We reserve the right to modify this statement. We recommend that you review this statement regularly, so that you remain informed of any changes.

Inspection and Modification of your Data
You can always contact us at if you have any questions regarding our privacy policy or wish to review, modify or delete your personal data.